How to find your voice in a crowded market

Finding Your Voice

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Building a tribe and getting started as a coach is certainly not an easy feat. In fact, I often hear that it is easier to go from six figures to one million dollars in your business than to go from zero to your first one hundred thousand.
So – are you a new woman entrepreneur wondering what you have to do to get your voice out into the market and magnetically attract the clients that bring you the most joy?
Here are five steps that you can take in your practice today, so that you build authority, remain authentic and lead with your heart as you move towards changing lives as an amazing coach or wellness entrepreneur.

Step Number One: Be clear on who you are

Invest in yourself to obtain the self-discovery support that you need to be able to fully understand what you do best, what you bring to the work, how your personal story relates to the clients that you want to help and what your true calling is.
People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it. Sharing yourself authentically and with purpose requires you to operate at a level of clarity that is much higher than your average business owner. After all, people are putting their lives in your hands so they want to know…why you and what connects you to this work?

Step Number Two: Keep your voice clear and pure

One of the first thing that new coaches do when trying to absorb as much as possible about the coaching field is to subscribe to everyone’s email address – this can be a mistake if not approached carefully. For one, your inbox now becomes cluttered taking away valuable time that can be spent creating and coaching but secondly, you may unknowingly begin to sound like the other coaches in the field, which may take away from your clarity and your pure message. So don’t be afraid to just unsubscribe.

Step Number Three: Establish yourself as a credible expert

Allow your message to spread organically by leveraging reputable entities with a large following. As a new service provider, guest blogging for large sites and being featured on popular podcasts can truly help you to compress your timeline for success. I have personally used this strategy to take my twitter following from – to 800 just from 3 guest blogs that I placed through Entrepreneur Magazine.

To get seen fast use this cheat:

  • Google ‘write for us’ and put in the topic that you desire to write about and see what comes up. More than likely you will find hundreds of sites with instructions no how to submit a guest post.
          ex: ‘write for us lose 10 pounds’ or ‘write for us life coaching’
          Once you are published, share the link with your community for authority and       leadership.

Number Four: Align Your Branding

Your branding is an extension of your voice – so as you review your website, your welcome packages and your social media pages, do they truly represent the voice that you are putting out into the space. A brand has a certain feel, so one way to find yours is to make a list of the brands that inspire you. Very often you will find that the very things that attract you are already held within you.

Number Five: Accept the process

Know that this is a journey…not a destination. Remain in full acceptance that your voice is going to continue to change and grow as time progresses. After all, this is what we foster in our clients, so let’s be the client that we want to have.
Grow, change, accept, and keep moving forward.

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