Issue Two Episode Three: Finding your voice to develop your personal brand with Arianna from the Modern-Day Girlfriend


Are you aspiring to grow your personal brand even further but struggling with really finding your voice among all the noise on social media?

Arianna Thomopoulos, felt just that before realizing how important it is to “take the time to connect with yourself and listen to yourself” before creating her successful lifestyle platform The Modern Day Girlfriend.

Ariana is a California-based lifestyle blogger, motivational speaker, and the founder of the Modern-Day Girlfriend. Arianna started the Modern-Day Girlfriend when she was struck by uncertainties with how her relationships were being affected by the internet. She soon found that her voice and challenges were resonating with women all over the world and continued to grow her platform to write about lifestyle in a vulnerable and real way.

Listen to this week’s episode of the SHTW talk-show where Arianna talks about how she pulled inspiration from Sex and the City for her platform and how she overcame the challenges of really finding and strengthening her voice. Arianna also gives five great pieces of advice for women on how they can build their brand based on who they really are, as well as how to get over the fear of being criticized online.


Learn more about Ariana’s work on her website and following her on Instagram at @moderndaygf.