Issue Two Episode Four: Using Smart Business Investments To Rise To the Top with Diabetes Expert Mary Ellen

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With the belief that “you can manipulate any food to make it do what you want with your body”, Mary Ellen helps women find joy and efficiency in healthy eating.


Mary Ellen shares her journey as a dietician, wellness entrepreneur, and foodie. After being diagnosed with Type I diabetes at a very young age, she had to be very conscious of what she was eating from very early on. When she noticed that friends would seek out food and wellness advice, she followed her passion and skills and created an online food blog. This has since blossomed into gaining huge platform and she has even landed her own television show!


Listen to this week’s SHTW talk-show where Mary Ellen shares her key moments of success for her profession as a wellness and nutrition coach, advice for women wanting to develop their own platforms about what they’re most passionate about, and even a few very delicious recipes that are both healthy and fast! She even gives some bonus healthy cooking tips!

Recipes Shared On The Show:

Avocado Banana Cookies 

Cranberry Quinoa Veggie Saute

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip High Protein Cookies

Learn more about Mary Ellen and follow her Instagram for more wellness and nutrition tips for diabetics: @milknhoneynutrition