Issue Three Episode One: With a following of 97,000 hear how Lucy Parker created an award-winning food blogging platform in just a year


Do you feel compelled to share your knowledge and passions online but nervous about the side-eye of telling people you’re embarking on the social media and blogging lifestyle?

Lucy Parker, from the award-winning food blog Lucy and Lentils, affirms that “People will always interact with the work that you create and that you’re sharing”.

Lucy originally planned to be an interior architect and designer but when she dealt with some professional challenges in her more traditional job, she decided to take the plunge and go all in on her other passion, food blogging, full-time. In just a year, she’s developed a huge platform and thriving business where she combines her passions for food and photography  and creates delicious and stylish dishes.

Listen to this week’s episode of the SHTW talk-show where Lucy discusses how she had to       overcome the challenges of transitioning to this less traditional professional path and how she’s released feelings to self-doubt. Lucy also gives some great concrete photography tips for building your social media platforms and advice for how you can find your own sources of inspiration for your individual passions.

Learn more about Lucy’s fantastic recipes and photography at her website and follow her on instagram at @lucy_and_lentils

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