Issue Four Episode Two: From Traveling France with an Eating Disorder to Becoming a Successful Online Coach with Trish Blackwell

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Learn how positive thinking and self-love can transform your business with Trish Blackwell

Are you trying to use your talents to make the world better but feel held back by self-doubt?

“Give yourself permission to believe that you are enough and that you have a purpose” is Trish Blackwell’s affirmation to help women move past these limiting beliefs.

Trish Blackwell is a personal trainer and confidence coach who has overcome struggles with self-doubt and body insecurities to create a thriving business focusing on health and wellness. She coaches women on how to master finding their balance both physically and mentally for their own lives. She encourages women to move past overwhelming feelings of self-doubt to think about how they can make their own impact. She has gone from doing personal training and coaching for 8 women to expanding her reach to thousands of women daily.

Listen to this episode of the SHTW talk show to learn how Trish has overcome fears to thrive and help other women. Trish talks about her own journey and gives five fantastic steps for women to heal from limiting beliefs to create the lives they desire.


Learn more about Trish Blackwell on her website and follow her on social media at @trish_blackwell.

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