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Issue Three Episode Five: How to grow an Instagram account for brand deals (soup to nuts) and why it matters

On today's episode, we bring on Lexi Harrison from Crowded Kitchen to share her tips on How to grow an Instagram account for brand deals (soup to nuts) and why it matters. Lexi and her mom Beth, decided to launch Crowded Kitchen after over two years of sharing their photography and plant-based recipes on Instagram.

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Issue Three Episode One: With a following of 97,000 hear how Lucy Parker created an award-winning food blogging platform in just a year

Lucy originally planned to be an interior architect and designer but when she dealt with some professional challenges in her more traditional job, she decided to take the plunge and go all in on her other passion, food blogging, full-time. In just a year, she’s developed a huge platform and thriving business where she combines her passions for food and photography  and creates delicious and stylish dishes.

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Issue Two Episode Four: Using Smart Business Investments To Rise To the Top with Diabetes Expert Mary Ellen

Do you feel like you “don’t have time” to eat healthy or like you aren’t sure where to start with developing a better relationship with food?


With the belief that “you can manipulate any food to make it do what you want with your body”, Mary Ellen helps women find joy and efficiency in healthy eating.

On today's "She Heals The World" episode, she shares how she got started.

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Issue One Episode Three: Talking Dreams, Divorce and Making Babies with Jolinda Johnson

For the She Heals The World Talk Show Episode 3 we share the story of Jolinda Johnson. Jolinda is a fertility coach, living in Barcelona Spain who is talking to us today about women’s health and creating a coaching practice. I love this episode because we don’t just talk about business and coaching, but we also touch on food, relationships, divorce, mothering yourself and playing a bigger game in this world.

Tune in to hear from my Columbia colleague, client and dear friend on Dreams, Divorce and Making Babies.


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Issue One Episode Two: Zero to 250,000 Instagram followers with Luisa Gaffga

For the She Heals The World Talk Show Episode 2, I asked my colleague from Germany, Lulu, to come on the talk show to talk to all of us about being Vegan and Instagram! Lulu has over 250,000 followers and runs a business as a vegan food stylist that is completely funded by sponsorships.

Luisa Gassga from Lulus Dream Town shares her life with the world and loves to inspire others. Listen in to hear her story, jot down a cool vegan recipe and learn how to grow your Instagram so that your brand can stand out online.

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Issue One Episode One...from lost to found.

Issue One of the She Heals The World Talk Show tells my story and why I created this movement 6 years ago.  Our episodes highlight conversations and insights that support the values of self-care, creative and personal freedom, slower living, happiness, health, and wellness. My goal is to provide content that connects and supports personal growth, freedom and fulfillment in our everyday lives. 

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