Dear Sisters,

Do you...

feel called to make a difference in the lives of leaders and entrepreneurs?

Do you...

feel passionate about the coaching industry but don't yet have the credentials to say, with integrity, that you are a coach?

Do you...

Do you..

crave a more flexible lifestyle full of freedom while helping yourself and others create a life they love?

Run A Powerful Business Doing What You Love! 


By becoming a certified She Heals The World Business Coach in your city, you can help real people make their dreams a reality. 

Without sacrificing yourself.

Without burning out.

Without being undervalued. 


And we are here to bring out the BEST in you!










By enrolling in “Master Coach,” a year-long coaching academy endorsed by the International Coaching Federation, our team will guide you through masterful coaching techniques and the science of goal achievement, so that you can lead your new career with confidence.


The most important thing for us, is not just what we do, but also how we do it. We want to make sure that we can help others achieve success but also take care of their own souls in the process. That way we can learn and grow along with our clients. 


We know that the best coaching comes from taking ownership of the process. We believe that we can help you tailor your own unique coaching approach using the top coaching strategies we guide you through.


What exactly will I get to do?

Let me tell you, sister!

Master Top

Coaching Strategies


A successful coaching business is one where the leader feels prepared to lead. Your coaching certification will help you to do that. We will help you learn through modules, live group sessions, and community exercises so that you get a personalized learning experience and become a masterful Master Coach and leader in your community.

Practice Coaching

with Real Clients


In Master Coach, not only will you learn how to coach, but you will also learn how to run profitable masterminds and success circles in your chapter where clients pay you to coach them.

To make sure that you are prepared, we simulate practice sessions where you get to practice coaching with real clients before "game time"

We want you to walk out of the training feeling confident in your coaching skills and leading your business with ease.

Get Support on How to

Live Your Best Life


Sometimes coaches are seen as the gurus of life, but we haven’t mastered life either. What we have mastered are powerful practices that help people make meaningful progress towards goals.

In this training program, we will help you figure out which parts of your life you need support in so that you can gear yourself up for self-improvement. This way, you can show up in the best way possible for your clients.

Join Sisters

Around The Globe 


As a certified coach, you join our sisterhood with sisters hailing from literally everywhere (Ireland, Australia, America, you name it!). Together we can learn from each other’s diverse experiences and create a global sisterhood.

Every day entrepreneurs and businesses understand the value of coaching, yet there are not enough qualified coaches to give them support. The impact a coach can have on someone's life is priceless. 


Step into this $2.8 billion dollar heart driven industry qualified and trained, so that your She Heals The World Chapter Is SUCCESSFUL.


Get in on a $11,500+ certification at today's sale price of 1 payment of







  Twelve months of support as you build a local brand and business that allows you to shine while helping thousands of women.

Graduating Ivy League with 4 degrees, getting to the top of her field at the age of 24 leading a multi-million dollar school and, spending over 10 years in some of the highest positions in America, Dr. Satterwhite knew what it meant to run the race

However, it wasn't until she discovered the power of coaching that she was able to go from "achievement" to living a life of JOY.

Dr. S is a believer in the research, trailblazed by credible institutions,  that coaching for leaders is priceless, and as a top-trained and certified coach - she can say wholeheartedly that coaching saved her life.

This program is committed to ensuring that you are well trained, supported, and LOVE your LIFE as you fill this tremendous need in the business, leadership, and corporate space. 

Train here to not just become a masterful coach but learn how to live your life by design, so that you can help others (in and outside of the She Heals The World community) do the same!

Why Us? Why Now?

Well, it's because we believe in...


Joyful Success


Even though “society” makes it seem like dreams can only be achieved after lots of misery. We know that it's possible to reach goals and experience happiness while you are at it. 


Usually, it seems like drastic changes are needed to achieve joyful success but we can show you how it can be achieved through a series of small shifts in your life. 

Forming Deep Connections With Clients 


We believe in forming deep connections with clients and genuinely being invested in their goals, dreams and achievements.


We believe in holding a space for them where they feel safe, heard and seen. 


Having Our Own Definition of "Success"


We always encourage clients to define what "success" means to them, since the term "success" can be off-putting.

"Success" is different and unique for everyone.

And while we're at it, what does "success" mean to you

Some things you may have

not known about coaching ...

Coaching alone can transform and help a business grow 10X faster

Sometimes it seems like coaching is only for people who are struggling in life, however business owners and leaders use coaching as a tool for peak performance. High achievers know that coaching can improve not just their personal success but their business success too.


Coaches do not need  subject matter expertise

Coaches continue to learn and grow along with their clients. If someone is a master of a certain niche such as fitness there is no guarantee they would be a good coach since they may not have fundamental coaching skills. Coaches get their clients results when they are trained in coaching. 


Coaching provides a more flexible lifestyle

Doing away with the rigidity of the 9-to-5 lifestyle, coaches get to work from wherever, whenever they want.

It's your time to shine.

You're In the Right Place If You...


Care about helping people live the life they want.


Hold a commitment to truth-telling.


Desire to use truth-telling to hold your clients accountable to reaching their goals.


Are reliable and encouraging.


Bring a sense of openness and compassion to your interactions.


Want to learn to become a person with these qualities.



more questions? Email: [email protected]


Question 1

When can I officially start coaching? 

Although you are in training for a full twelve months - after your first 90 days, you are clear to start generating revenue as a coach. 


Question 2

How many hours of my time will the academy take?

The most important thing we want is for you to be working with clients and enjoying your life.


The first few months of the academy are heavier, and will take around 10 hours per week of training, but as the year goes on, most of your time is focused on implementing what you are learning, and being in community with your amazing sisters here.


We can't wait to see you join us!

Question 3

Does my rate cover ALL of this? How?


GREAT QUESTION! You might notice that our rate is more affordable than other comparable certification programs.

We are able to make this possible because of the power of sisterhood.

 When you tell other women about She Heals The World, we are able to grow at a faster rate, and keep tuition for our coaches and aspiring certification holders reachable. 

It brings us such joy to see everyday women gaining the confidence they need to change lives.

Question 4

Can I only coach after the course ends and I am certified?

No, you can and should start coaching as soon as you enroll.
That way, you can view conversations as coaching and implement the coaching strategies that you learned in Master Coach. 
As you coach, you can experiment and see what works best for you in your coaching process.
You will also be able to think about how you can best support your clients. 

Question 4

Can I only coach after the course ends and after I am certified?

No, you can start coaching after your first 90 days in the program!


That way, you can view conversations as coaching opportunities and implement the coaching strategies that you learned in Master Coach as soon as you learn them. 


As you coach, you can experiment and see what works best for you in your coaching process.


You will also be able to think about how you can best support your clients. 

We believe in your business success. 

We believe in helping you live the life you want to live, NOW.

We believe in the power of coaching.

Enroll to join us on the mission here. 










Becoming a She Heals The World Certified Coach is not an employment opportunity. She Heals The World makes no income claims and solely provides the training and certification that can help you make a lucrative career possible and attainable.