E. 83 5 things you can do to increase your air quality and create a germ-free home with cleaning expert Kelly Love


In this week’s episode, we are joined by Kelly Love, a co-founder of the wellness brand; Branch Basics. She shares with us five things we can do to increase our air quality at home, along with creating a germ-free home during a pandemic. 
Kelly shares with us her journey and how they have positively impacted their customers’ lives by creating non-toxic and all-natural home cleaning products. Branch Basics creates a strong community bond on social media that supports everyone’s journey towards a non-toxic and germ-free living environment. 
Kelly did not start the journey alone, joined by her best friend Alison, and Alison’s aunt, Marilee. It all began when Allison got mysterious symptoms and pain; she sought help from specialists all over the country. It wasn’t till she started to feel defeated and discouraged because she wasn’t getting any better and no closer to answers. It wasn’t until her Aunt Marilee had advised her to take a more natural approach. Marilee began to ask her questions like, “What are you eating every day? What products are you using in your home?” These things never crossed Alison’s mind, and within a month of making dietary changes, product changes, and lifestyle changes, she started finally experiencing relief.
Kelly and Alison began to learn from Marilee about living a more natural lifestyle. After spending a period with Marilee in an all-natural environment, they noticed their health improving. They began to get rid of cleaning products that contain some of the most toxic chemicals found in their homes. Since then, they came together to create Branch Basics, and it has been their goal to help others toss the toxins out and live healthier lives. 
Not only is Kelly passionate about helping others thrive in their lives, not just survive. Kelly tells us the ups and downs their company went through over the years and how they managed to persevere through those times. 
In this episode, Kelly explains how other products contain toxic ingredients which can impact our bodies physically. She also shares her tips on improving our homes’ air quality and how to improve our home as a germ-free environment.

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