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E.68 Influencer Hacks From Rising Stars Alina & Inessa Vike

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Today we have two guests joining the talk show, Alina and Inessa Vike. They are twin beauty bloggers and the founders of VIKE beauty. The identical twin team talked with us about their experience as rising influencers and shared some amazing hacks for how to go from an influencer to an entrepreneur.

Listen in to hear what they share with Dr. S about how YOU can get started. 


After emigrating from Belarus at the age of 2, Alina and Inessa spent their life in America and always had a passion for beauty. They started their Instagram account in high school, where they shared tips and tricks as a hobby, back when “influencer” wasn’t a well-known term. They received some recognition online, grew a following, and before they knew it, long brands started reaching out. The twins took a pause in their beauty blogging when they graduated from college and got jobs in finance, but eventually reunited and started it up again. After years of dreaming about having their own company, they launched VIKE Beauty in 2019.


They knew that consumers today are invested in the lives of the business owners. As experienced influencers, the Vike twins were already in the practice of involving their fans in their lives. Their lifelong passion for beauty and their belief in the American Dream has carried them through the hard days that come with every entrepreneur’s journey. Their early days as influencers as well as the launching stage of their business were both difficult periods when they struggled to gain recognition. Even though they were difficult, those experiences taught them the power of consistency. Launching VIKE Beauty at the IPSY Live trade show in 2019 and winning the CEW Rising Influencer Award that same year both contributed greatly to the Vike's making a name for themselves as newcomers in the industry. Alina and Inessa advise anyone that is starting out to keep putting their passion out there, and that every small win is a building block that will contribute to achieving their ultimate goals.



For listeners who are wondering how to break into the influencer space with the ultimate goal of creating their own brand, the Vike twins shared some amazing hacks that they’ve learned. Here they are:


  • Communicating openly and authentically with your followers is an important part of being a successful influencer, but it isn’t for everyone. They recommend that every aspiring influencer makes sure that they are mentally ready to invite hundreds and thousands of people into their life. Building a relationship with your audience as an influencer is integral to establishing a consumer base for your future brand.


  • Next, “find your niche.” What specific part in your intended industry are you uniquely qualified for and passionate about? Catering your influencer presence to that online space from the start eventually will catch the attention of established brands. Leverage those connections when you start building your own brand, and you are on the way to success!


  • Third, consistency is key. Get a planner or some other way to establish a posting schedule and keep yourself on track. Also, remember to engage online with brands and other influencers that you admire. You never know who might see your comment!


  • And finally, put yourself out there. Don’t wait until everything is perfect, just start and keep going!


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