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E.71 Clean Beauty Hacks For Your Body And Mind With Saarah Samadani

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After experiencing the COVID 19 pandemic, health is on everyone's mind. This week Dr. S chats with Saarah Samadani, a holistic health practitioner to explore beauty and health hacks for our body and mind. Listen in to some timeless, priceless hacks here.

Saarah’s success didn’t happen overnight. While she was hosting events for her media company, she thought that since people come to her for health and beauty tips, maybe it was time for her to start a platform to share all of her valuable information. What really pushed her to begin sharing wellness tips was a personal experience – her own health issues arose after the birth of her daughter. Although doctors reassured her that nothing was wrong, she sensed that something was off in her body, so she decided to take things into her own hands and do her own research. By doing the work herself, she was able to share with her followers what she discovered, and help others along the way. 




Saarah has always lived a healthy lifestyle; however, while she was in college she began to have some health problems. This is what jump-started her interest in the holistic field. After having digestive issues and going to traditional doctors, Saarah had no solutions to the problems going on in her body. After her second child, her symptoms came back even worse. Feeling hopeless, she had to find a solution.


In this episode, she shares with us tips to identify when your body is responding badly to foods, and more. Saarah investigates how eating habits impact your body physically, such as your hair and nails, which she shares on her to her platform, BeautyMomme. 


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