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E. 74 The ins and outs of taking your brick and mortar business online


This week on The She Heals The World Podcast, Krissy Jones, the co-founder of SKY TING joins us to share her journey and take us through the ins and outs of taking her business online.

Krissy gained her knowledge from 20 years of dedicated and varied practice of deconstructing form through yoga and dance; she now teaches philosophy. Her method originates from geometric alignment principles, pranayama, meditation, and Taoist studies, focusing on giving students practical tools to handle life more gracefully and support their well-being. Off the clock from teaching, Krissy collaborates with brands like Nike, teaching private celebrity clients, and leading yoga retreats around the globe. 

Krissy's background as a wellness consultant and dancer fueled her to become one of New York City’s most respected yoga teachers and trainers; featured in numerous publications for Vogue, The New York Times, and Forbes; and has been in global campaigns for Nike, Free People, and Tory Sport. Her knowledge led her to create SKY TING in 2015, where she founded a community-driven yoga brand focused on reinventing wellness through a feel good-do good philosophy. 

With her success, she decided to expand her community online as a subscription-based yoga streaming platform, SKY TING TV, including New York training programs and global retreats. Her current mission is to provide inclusive, accessible wellness anytime, anywhere, and for anyone. Krissy leads her brand and marketing for SKY TING, leading branding and marketing for SKY TING as the creative force behind the brand. 

Join Krissy Jones and Dr. S to discuss what it takes to transform your brand online and hear her share tips on taking your brick-and-mortar business online!


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