E.78 How to push your body and mind beyond its limits with Olympian Rebecca Rusch


This week on Talk Show,  Rebecca Rusch, a pro-athlete, best-selling author, and Emmy Award winner shares with us her life story on how to push both your body and mind beyond its limits.
Rebecca is a 7x-world champion and celebrity in the ultra adventure/endurance realm for nearly three decades, elected to the prestigious international Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame; her status as a fierce competitor and inclusive influencer motivates millions. She’s known as the “Queen of Pain” with a heart of gold. No matter what, her mission is to push for others to be at their all-time best with energy, positivity, and passion. 
Rebecca isn’t one to wait for a challenge to come knocking on her door,  her determination and perseverance, she seeks out the toughest challenges imaginable. With this mindset, she landed in unknown territory and yielded her the first female ascent on Yosemite’s 3000-ft. El Capitan Bermuda Dunes route, a first descent river boarding 300 miles of the entire Grand Canyon in 18 winter days. Incredible!
In her most recent adventure, she completed a previously unattempted North to South route traversing Iceland in winter by fatback alongside Chris Burkard and Angus Morton. Not only that, Rebecca has led a charitable cycling expedition up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro, and perhaps most notably, was the first person to ride the entire 1,200-mile length of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, documented in the Emmy-winning film Blood Road.
With all this under her belt, her distinctive brand and awe-inspiring resumé continue to grow. Combining ongoing athletic pursuits with entrepreneurial endeavors as CEO of Rusch Ventures, Rebecca oversees an impactful network of events, products, and experiences designed to elevate possibilities for people and their bikes. She also is a best-selling author with her autobiography Rusch to Glory. It inspires countless fans to strive for healing, empowerment, and evolution. 
Apart from being a CEO and author, Rebecca is the founder of the Be Good Foundation. Established in memory of her father, Rebecca’s Be Good Foundation focuses on UXO mitigation in Lao, protecting public lands for recreation, and partnering with bike-centric nonprofits to fund meaningful change. Up to this date, their efforts have raised over a half-million dollars in support of select nonprofits.
In this episode, Rebecca explains her drive to inspire people to their full potential by pushing your body and mind beyond their limits with energy, positivity, and passion.

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