Secrets to up leveling your credit score so that you can finance the lifestyle you Love!

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2020



On this week’s episode, we dive into the art of personal finance (and growth!) with Tiffany Aliche.

Tiffany Aliche is America's favorite personal financial educator ( Through her Live Richer Movement, she's helped over 1 Million women save, manage, and pay off millions of dollars.

A former preschool teacher for ten years with a Master's degree in Education, Tiffany was instrumental in getting The Budgetnista Law (A1414) passed in January 2019, making financial education mandatory for middle school students in New Jersey.

In this episode, we talk about how much power lies in the desire to keep learning and the importance of learning about personal finance from a young age.


Tiffany is here to teach us how she used her growth mindset to self-publish her book and build an online presence through creating successful challenges, all while offering us some great tips on how to turn around your credit score and step into a bright financial future!


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