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E. 73 Simple Steps for Launching A Cookie Brand Everyone LOVES with Shahira Marei

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She Heals The World
E. 73 Simple Steps for Launching A Cookie Brand Everyone LOVES with Shahira Marei



This week on The She Heals The World Podcast, Shahira Marei- the founder of The Dirty Cookie- joins us to share her journey of perseverance and hard work. Marei is no stranger to failure but has overcome the fallacies of starting a business in order to follow her dreams. Marei had persevered from her hardships and committed to creating her business, even when she had no money.


Shahira Marei’s inspiration to start a business truly set a tone for her values and beliefs. As a child visiting Egypt, Marei witnessed the true poverty and hardships faced by children her exact age, which inspired her to want to make a difference and provide jobs for all individuals. Marei was encouraged by her father, who always taught her the importance of hard work and dedication.


When Marei was 26, she realized that it was time to fulfill her childhood dream and began her entrepreneurial journey. She wanted to do something innovating and passionate, so she embraced her love for sweets when creating The Dirty Cookie.


Marei’s passion lies in her self-faith and motivation to encourage others to take inspiration in her story and experiences. Not only did she have to close down her store in 2019, but she also had to face the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 and restart from the ground up. Her creativity allowed her to pick up her business and slowly rebuild to what it is today. Marei’s dedication allowed her to succeed, and she inspires others to never give up on their goals.



Join Shahira Marei and Dr. S to discuss what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur during a Global Pandemic and hear them share tips on free resources and help for your business!


These tips include:


  • Hacks to working with influencers
    • Find stealthy ways to connect with influencers and celebrities
  • Staying Motivated
    • Learn innovative ways to stay motivated throughout the start-up process by staying true to your morals and overarching life goals.
  • Helping your community
    • Find easy ways to help your community with your business by providing meaningful jobs and roles for those around you.
  • Surviving through hardships
    • Explore ways to keep your business afloat when your central platform has been disrupted
  • Keeping multiple streams of income
    • Learn how to branch your business into multiple streams- online orders, catering, and DIY kits- in order to uphold stability and keep your business alive.


You can find out more about Marei and her tips on life on  and @thegirtycookieoc on Instagram.


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