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our Top Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

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Life Coaching Resources For Women Entrepreneurs

From Purpose To Profits. A Free Workshop for entrepreneurial women who desire clarity and direction on their life’s purpose .

From Purpose To Profits. A Free Workshop for entrepreneurial women who desire clarity and direction on their life’s purpose .

Freedom focused Business Resources For Women Entrepreneurs AND DISCOUNTS

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Passport to freedom workshop

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This free workshop is for women who desire to add more freedom to their current business or lifestyle brand by creating online courses and programs.

I believe that every woman should have an online course running in her business. Gone are the days when 100% of your income must be reliant on your active services. 

Online courses and programs are the tools that allow you to have a tremendous impact while working smarter...

the ultimate internet marketing resource


Companies like Ontraport got me through those very dark and confusing beginning days - when I knew NOTHING about the Internet.

Email marketing (What!) Sales funnels (Who?) Membership Sites (Thats possible?!?)

From this page you can grab pretty much anything for free - so study up - I personally recommend the guide on crafting the perfect email.

It takes some reading, but once you get through everything, you should have a pretty good idea of how it all works.

Online Marketing made easy - just like that. 


Lifestyle hacks



I love to “try” before I “buy” - so Trunk Club is perfect for me. Its like having my own personal stylist send me clothes every month. With Trunk Club their expert styling team picks pieces based on your style and preferences. Its been soo much fun wearing something new all the time.

This service allows me to take my mind off of “what to wear” so that I can focus on my business !


our Social media management tool 


Social media does NOT come easy, at least not for me.

As an introvert - being 'on' all the time is a challenge, so we had to figure out how to make the most out of the times that I showed up.

Sound familiar?

Meet Edgar helped with this by recirculating and auto-posting content that I already created, which kept my Facebook and Linked-In feed fresh and engaged (every single day).

They don't have an automated approach for Pinterest and Instagram yet (bummer) - but I heard its coming!!

Creating your own online courses and programs

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Everyone always asks what platform I recommend for creating and launching your own courses and online programs. 

For a while I hesitantly answered this question because I had not quite found the best platform for me.

I wasnt good at coding, or web design, so I really needed something that was an "all in 1" (done for me) platform. =)

Finally, I found Teachable.

Everything was already set up, I only needed to upload my content and I've been using them for years because of it.


Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the “hidden” free account option. =)


meal planning

On some days I barely have time for lunch. 

Whitney and Danielle over at SAKARA helped change the game for me in this area with their ready made vegan and gluten free friendly meals. I prayed for something like this for a while, and they answered the call. 

For women in business, or even the busy executives out there, ready made organic fresh meals delivered to your door is a life saver.

(Plus, their rose water makes me feel like a goddess) =)