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Are you a powerful woman doctor, lawyer, spiritual leader, therapist, coach or just have a beautiful mission behind your work? Are you on the verge of burnout and overwhelm by trying to go at your entire business alone?  I've been there and I know that finding real support and sisterhood from people who GET YOU can be tough. That is why I founded She Heals The World; a business coaching firm for social entrepreneurs.

 She Heals The World is the only global company dedicated to helping you create both an incredible income and impact so that you can have the fulfilling, meaningful, freedom filled life that you can't wait to jump out of bed for. Because you deserve to have a good living from your giving.

We have many resources waiting for you, including access to the world's top mentors and coaches to help you skyrocket your success without the stress starting right now.

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She Heals The World Feature Business Coaches

A sneak peek at some of our coaches. Harnessing the power of coaching, you will be supported to meet and exceed your business revenue goals, business impact goals and unique lifestyle goals in a joyful way from beginning to exit. Learn from us first (obligation free) in the clique and set some baby goals first to see the magic.

Dr. Jaquel Patterson

Business Coach for Naturopathic Doctors. President of American Association for Naturopathic Physicians and Owner of 7+ Figure Practice.

Lara Kozan

Business Coach for Yoga Entrepreneurs. Co-founder of 8 Figure Yoga Business YYoga, employing hundreds across Vancouver and Ontario, Canada

Dr. Catarina Monge

Business Coach for Aspiring and New Therapists. Expertise: Marketing and Operations. 

Lillian Rafson

Business Coach for Travel Entrepreneurs and Influencers. Founder and Owner of 7+ Figure Travel Company Pack Up + Go.

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Capability Statement

She Heals The World

Our business coaching company specializes in supporting social entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and creating positive impact. We provide a range of services including strategic planning, fundraising and financial management, marketing and branding, and leadership development. Our team of experienced coaches have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by social entrepreneurs and are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. With our support, our clients have been able to secure funding, scale their operations, and achieve measurable impact in their communities. Let us help you turn your social enterprise into a thriving and sustainable business.


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