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At She Heals The World, we believe in the untapped potential and power that lies within every woman entrepreneur. 

High potential women have, for too long, gone unsupported appropriately along their business journey, often being guided by approaches that overlook their holistic well-being, resulting in superficial success that is both unsatisfying and unsustainable; that's where we come in.

Our approach to business coaching goes beyond mere strategies and tactics, prioritizing the nurturing of your mind, body, and soul as you soar to new heights and experience unprecedented success and financial certainty in your business. We know that timeless wealth comes from a healthy level of both support and challenge, as well as learning how to create a purposeful, joy-filled, prosperous, business and life.





Together, let's create a world where success is extraordinary, fulfillment is abundant, and joy is an everyday experience. Skyrocket your purposeful business and ignite a freedom-filled life, with us by your side, today. Get connected with one of our certified business coaches to explore support here.


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Mission, Vision & Capability Statements

To empower women entrepreneurs to extraordinary success through holistic support and unwavering belief in their potential. Together, we transcend boundaries, nurture purpose, and redefine what's possible in business and life. 

She Heals The World helps heart centered women entrepreneurs create ripples of positive change with their purpose driven work. We strive to create a world where businesses that matter are financially profitable and the founders who lead them are holistically supported in creating lives and movements they adore.


She Heals The World is a gateway to exceptional coaching and professional services that empower individuals and businesses to achieve unprecedented success. Our expert International Coaching Federation endorsed coaches bring diverse expertise across industries, providing tailored guidance, strategies, and tools to unlock your full potential and surpass your goals. We believe in the power of setting clear objectives and offer unwavering support as trusted allies on the journey of advancing purpose driven business. 



May this community bring you the joy, freedom and fulfillment that you have always deserved.

With Love - Dr. S


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