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E. 59 When is it time to quit your job and pursue your passion?

We are so excited to have Natasha joining us today to share her story of transitioning from her 9 - 5 into a profitable business. So if you have been wondering when you should actually take the leap, this episode is for you!

Natasha Bull is a Canada-based recipe developer and food photographer. She is passionate about creating easy-to-follow recipes that anyone can use to make a quick, delicious, and comforting meal. She has developed hundreds of hassle-free recipes since her website Salt & Lavender was launched in late 2015. Natasha adds new recipes to her website every week, and you can follow her on Instagram for a peek into her life behind the scenes. She loves to travel whenever possible, but she is also a homebody that enjoys nothing more than spoiling her cats.  
Learn more about Natasha and grab her recipes here 

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