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E.41 Anxiety? Here Is What to Do About It

Kate Swoboda is a facilitator and speaker on the topic of habit-formation and psychological courage/emotional resilience. She is the creator of and has appeared in MindBodyGreen, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Forbes, Lifetime Moms, The Intelligent Optimist, Business Insider, and more.

Listen in as Kate shares how to build habits that lead to a more courageous and emotionally resilient life. 

In this week’s talk show, we are talking about embracing fear, building courage, and the steps involved in creating a life that is full of confidence.

To Kate, the definition of courage began to develop when she made the decision to completely change the course of her career. She realized that the more she tried to push away and ignore the fear she was feeling, the more obvious it became that she needed to make a change. We are always going to feel afraid, she says, because the fear is always going to be there, and not including fear in our journey to courage merely means avoidance. Courage is the transformation we take from being afraid. Courage is not the absence of fear or being fearless, but is how we step into courage and embrace our fear. 

Because she has been through the steps it takes to start a business from the ground up, she has a big takeaway for people who are at the starting point: stop waiting. Don’t wait until you have it all figured out before executing your plan. Entrepreneurship is creative work; any artist would tell you that they all have bad first drafts, and they take steps to turn those bad first drafts into beautiful final drafts. It takes doing and taking action to figure out the full scale of your work.

During this uncertain time, Kate has a few tips on how to overcome your fear. First, you need to take out the word “overcome,” because we never actually completely overcome fear. Instead of bypassing the fear, it’s about working with it. Kate advises a habitual way to approach fear. This requires noticing the fear pattern and then deciding on the choices that you can make rather than repeating the same mistakes. 

The process to build a courage habit takes 4 steps: accessing the body, listening without attachment, reframing/limiting stories, and lastly, reaching out and creating communities. 

Accessing the body means to deal with our fear in our body; make space to sit down and deal with the feelings you have in a conscious way - crying, or discharging the anger can lead to clearer thinking afterward. Kate likes to think of this first step as a meditation technique. Listening without attachment means actually listening to the fears you have rather than trying to tune it out or reason with it, at the same time not attaching truth to your fears but think: “It is what it is.” After listening to your fears, the next step is reframing/limiting stories by accepting the situation that is causing you fear and maybe thinking of a new perspective. Lastly, reach out and create communities by surrounding yourself with positive people who are also trying their best to navigate their way through these tough times.

This process takes time and effort, our dear readers. Kate wants you to remember that this moment we are experiencing right now is the perfect moment for you to decide who you want to be, so embrace your fear and lead a courageous life.

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