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E.65 Celebrity Launching Secrets From Noel Elie

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We are sooo excited to share today's episode with you. Today we are bringing you, Noel Elie – publicity, production, and event planning expert – on the show to share some valuable tips on how to create a successful launch, as a business owner. So if you have something to bring to the world, a new course, a book, a show - THIS episode is for you! Noel is an award-winning actress seen on NBC's Shades of Blue, CBS' Blue Bloods, Self Magazine, and as a PR specialist has worked with big names like Gabrielle Bernstein and Deepack Chopra. 

Today, she will share what she knows about how to launch!


Noel grew up in the arts and moved to New York straight out of high school to pursue modeling, but soon found that acting was her biggest passion. She went from the runway to behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, producing events and attracting major clients. Noel realized that with her creative and practical skill set, she could be an artist without being a struggling artist. She launched Noel Elie Productions which quickly evolved into something much more. The client list now includes influencers, celebrities, and motivational speakers, providing services like social media strategy and consulting. Every part of her work is rooted in her natural ability to facilitate connections and community.

Although she has had a lot of success, it hasn't come without hurdles. She had to discover that just because you're good at something doesn't mean that it's your passion or your purpose. In the beginning of her career, she was determined to take on every challenge and master every skill. Now having achieved so much success she has to be mindful of how she spends her time and energy, making sure the work is in alignment with her ultimate purpose.


Noel's career path is full of memorable milestones, like becoming Director of Operations for Gabrielle Bernstein and producing book tours for bestselling authors Deepak Chopra and Kimberly Schneider. Her greatest achievement; however, was a much more personal event. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, Noel overcame her fear of asking for help and produced a non-profit event that raised $100,000 towards her mother's treatment.

A publicist’s job is to generate and manage publicity for the client or the client’s brand. Whether it's a film, a book, etc., their goal is to create buzz. Companies like Noel Elie Productions manage and coach their clients, sometimes providing media training so the client can get comfortable in front of the camera and maintain their image. They create publicity opportunities, starting small and potentially reaching national magazines and TV appearances.

For the women entrepreneurs out there with something big to launch, Noel advises that you first focus on your message, your purpose and the people you're going to help rather than the accolades you'd like to receive. Second, to be strategic but not let that stop you from putting yourself out there and seeing what happens. Third, establish a clear timeline and a marketing campaign with a strong social media strategy. With these things in place, start reaching out to peers, mentors, and people that you admire to ask if they will let you pick their brain for a few minutes. Don't be afraid to ask for help or admit when you don't have the answer.

When determining if a someone has the potential for a successful launch, Noel looks for a few key factors:

An established social media following.

A previous publicity record.

A polished website.

To create this strong base for your launch, spend time establishing clear messaging with solid reasoning behind it. Being confident in your identity and abilities while being open and adaptable allows for someone like Noel to help you become the best professional you can be!

Looking back at her professional journey, Noel would tell herself from 10 years ago that it just gets better, that she will go above and beyond her imagination, and to not be afraid to use her voice.

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