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E.66 How To Make The Most Of Your Day As An Entrepreneur With Murielle Marie

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Wondering what it's like to build a coaching practice? Today we have another special guest, Murielle Marie! Murielle is a coach who supports entrepreneurs and is passionate about being productive. She is going to share her story with us and give us some tips on how you, as an entrepreneur, can be productive and make the most of your day.




Murielle studied philosophy in school and was asked by a friend to take the role of project manager for a company that wanted to focus on digital media. When she was younger, she took all the opportunities that she could to gain experience. She has taken the role of being a coach for 7 years now. 


Murielle was  exhausted and overwhelmed when she got started. But, the biggest thing that kept her motivated was realizing that success isn't measured by the amount of tasks that was accomplished in the day. She also became very aware about the things that were going to help the business. Her greatest accomplishment is that she is able to make a difference in her clients' lives. Seeing a client get unstuck and back on track for her  is a success. On a personal level, being able to have the coaching business full-time, while also having free time is also an accomplishment.



Murielle gives tips for women entrepreneurs who want to make the most of their day, including:

 Trying to be really clear with the stuff you have to do.

Using the compound effect to your advantage.

Sticking to what you decide.

If you are working a full-time job, spend whatever amount of time you have to work on thinking about getting customers.


The way Murielle starts her day is  journaling, writing, and then going into the critical activities in her day. Focus on that one task that moves the needle for you. If you don't have time for a morning routine, that is fine. Even taking  a couple of minutes to yourself in the morning can help you focus and prepare for the day. Murielle suggests to have a 5-10 minute ritual to yourself to push a routine. It's okay to take time for yourself, and listen to what your body needs and what your mind needs.


If Murielle could look back and give her ten year younger self advice it would be to:

1). Don't try to do it all right now, it's better to be creative than disciplined.

2). Don't doubt yourself so much, don't be afraid because you can really do this.


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