About She Heals The World Founder & CEO Dr. S

...Just a girl who fell in love with changing the lives of women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Chasing Slow...

I knew how to run the race; I founded a multi-million dollar organization, graduated Ivy League with 2 Masters Degrees and a Doctorate, got to the top of my field before 30 and worked myself into the ground with cause after cause, only to find that meaning for me, was found in freedom.
Today I use my 'traditional' smarts to creatively design a life I love and I am here to help you do the same.

I created She Heals The World after my first trip to France - where I was reminded consistently that quality of life matters. She Heals The World was launched to help women with a mission and message build their movements in a way that honors their lifestyle, and promotes life fulfillment. 

Lifestyle Matters. 

Impact Matters. 

Freedom Matters.

We touch on it all. 

I welcome you to join us as we show the world that you CAN have joyful success while changing the world.

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