How to build a six figure blog using fashion - with Julianna Christensen

Julianna launched Blush & Camo in 2015 as an Army Officer. Fast forward to today and Julianna turned Blush & Camo into a brand that’s generated over six figures in revenue, partnered with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, received a quarter of a million page views, and last year she officially transitioned out of the Army in 2018 to become a full-time blogger.

She shares her story with us today!

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Issue Four Episode Two: From Traveling France with an Eating Disorder to Becoming a Successful Online Coach with Trish Blackwell

Learn how positive thinking and self-love can transform your business with Trish Blackwell

Are you trying to use your talents to make the world better but feel held back by self-doubt?

Listen to this episode of the SHTW talk show to learn how Trish has overcome fears to thrive and help other women. Trish talks about her own journey and gives five fantastic steps for women to heal from limiting beliefs to create the lives they desire.

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Beyond Self Care: When spa trips and care rituals just AINT cutting it

"Maybe the journey isn't about becoming anything, maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't you so that you can be who you were meant to be in the first place!"

Today's episode answers the questions "What do you do when you are beyond self-care rituals and spa days?! How do you handle just feeling stuck?"

In this special episode, Dr. S shares her signature coaching practice using critical inquiry to help you coach yourself through this downturn and lean into creating your best life yet.

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Issue Three Episode Two: How to get published by major brands and thrive as a creative entrepreneur in Paris

Listen to this week’s episode of the SHTW talk-show where Jessie talks about what inspires her art, how she dealt with the learning curve of pursing a creative career in a whole new country, and how she encouraged herself to keep pushing forward amidst a lot of waiting and rejection towards the beginning. Jessie also gives five wonderful tips for creatives on how they can get published, as well as some resources for contacting editors and making sure you know your monetary worth for your creative work.

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Issue One Episode Four: From Struggling Actress to Food Network Superstar with Chopped Winner Rachel Reuben

“Food is the gas in your tank, it’s the raw material of who you are, so why wouldn’t you eat well?” asks Chef Rachel Reuben, creator of the popular recipe blog and cooking school by the same name: Food Fix Kitchen. Her take on food goes right to the gut. “Most people take better care of their cars or their pets than they do their own bodies. They understand how high-octane fuel and regular maintenance makes a car run better, or how a high-quality diet affects their dog, but they have this disconnect when it comes to food and their own well-being. They’ll eat anything!”

Reuben has been on a mission to change all that. Through her cooking, writing, teaching and personal appearances, Chef Rachel has delivered the credo she lives by: “cook well, eat well, live well,” teaching clients and groups how to best fuel their lives and loved ones.

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Issue One Episode Two: Zero to 250,000 Instagram followers with Luisa Gaffga

For the She Heals The World Talk Show Episode 2, I asked my colleague from Germany, Lulu, to come on the talk show to talk to all of us about being Vegan and Instagram! Lulu has over 250,000 followers and runs a business as a vegan food stylist that is completely funded by sponsorships.

Luisa Gassga from Lulus Dream Town shares her life with the world and loves to inspire others. Listen in to hear her story, jot down a cool vegan recipe and learn how to grow your Instagram so that your brand can stand out online.

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Boulangeries, Paris Dreams and Baking Bread

I guess I should have brushed up a bit more on my French before committing to travel around France.

My husband and I stood underneath a beautiful building ledge in Paris to shield us from the unexpected rain, when a group of Parisian women with aprons on stepped out of their bakery and started shouting at us "Viens de la pluie mademoiselle !" 

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